I moved to Santa Barbara 25 years ago for its beauty and community. I was young, renting an apartment, and trying to get by. I put myself through law school at night while working full-time. I then met my wife, Natalie Grubb-Campbell, and we’re fortunate enough to be raising our two children here.


From living here for 25 years and talking to many people, I have found that we want the same things: to help the homeless, to protect renters and landlords, to create more housing, and to see more businesses thriving and growing.


Santa Barbara City Council needs a different perspective from someone outside the political machine, someone not interested in party politics, but in what the people of Santa Barbara want.


I want to listen, ask questions, and stand up when something doesn’t make sense for our community.


My experience in finance and contracts has taught me the importance of being fiscally responsible, asking questions and listening, and making choices and recommendations after considering all the information and the impacts of any decisions made. I want to work together.


I’m just like you. I worry about my children and the future of this beautiful place.

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