Most of the issues we have in Santa Barbara today have been around for decades: homelessness, housing shortage, lack of affordable housing, droughts, etc...  


Each election year, each time the city gets a government grant, people talk about working together for the future of SB. However, after the election is over and the grant money is gone, it's back to business as usual. No progress.  


How am I different? I am not a politician, I am not part of the political machine, and I have never worked for the city.  


I am about family, community, and business. I understand that there has to be a plan, and we have to follow through on that plan. 

If SB truly cared about the homeless and housing, why has nothing been done in over 50 years? Why are we still faced with these issues with no real game plan or accountability? 


The world I come from holds people accountable. I make you this promise: When elected, I will hold the city accountable to come up with real-world solutions, not temporary band-aids. 



I have known Brian for all of his life and have no qualms vouching for his integrity. He also has the inner qualities of humor and compassion which I feel is a necessary qualification when working for and with the public. Brian is also a go-getter.
He has achieved many personal accomplishments which assures me that, if elected, he'll be able to do the same for his constituents.



I have known Brian for several years.  He is a loving father and husband.  Brian has spent countless hours dedicated to his children and the school which they attend on the Mesa.  He has done so much to make our school and community better for our children.


He was about the most active and best dad at Washington school in volunteering for events, organizing fundraising and being there when you needed him. He lives for his kids and he knows and cares about the Mesa and wants to improve on our little slice of heaven. He’s local and honest and doesn’t care about politics, he just wants to solve local issues like kids safety and homelessness.

Tell me the change YOU want to see in our community.
We are in this together. 
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